Kawartha Interior Paint & Decorating

Kawartha Interior Paint & Decorating has been a thriving Peterborough business for 14 years. The company started as a one woman team that has grown to three full time and 6 part-time employees. Our staff of professional painters performs a variety of tasks and each brings their own unique style to the company.

Services We Provide:


Interior - Prep all ceilings, walls and trim. Paint using the desired paint finish. You should always apply two coats to maximize the color. We also apply a variety of techniques.

Exterior – Prep. Scrape all loose paint, sand, fill crevices in the wood. Ensure surfaces are clean. Powers wash if necessary. Prime where needed. Apply two coats of exterior paint.

Furniture – Strip off old paint or stain. Sand to a smooth finish. Apply up to three coats of stain or paint, sanding between coats. Sand is an important step in this process. It eliminates any paint bubbles that may appear. If you are staining it is recommended to apply one coat of urethane to protect your stain.

Wallpaper – Removal of wallpaper which include:

  • Strip paper from wall.

  • Clean with TSP. This process is important because if all the glue is not removed, when you paint, the paint will distort on the wall.

  • Rinse with clear water.

  • Prime. This is important step because it seals in any reside left on the wall.

Small renovations – we perform a variety of repairs that include:

Drywall Repair It can include cutting out pieces of damage drywall and inserting new drywall or dry walling a complete wall. We tape and mud until we had invisible seams when primed. (We do not drywall new construction.)

  • Installing crown moulding, fill holes and sanding to ensure a smooth finish

  • Install a variety of wainscoting.

  • Install door trim, baseboard and ¼ round.

  • Install manufactured hardwood flooring

  • Any other areas that need repairs.

Color Consultation – We will arrive at your home with our color chips and work with you to pick the right color for your home.

Seniors – We care about our seniors. Along with our senior’s discount, we go an extra step. We ensure that upon completion of painting, there is absolutely nothing they have to do expect enjoy their freshly decorated home.

Home Sale Preparation – We work with you so you can maximize the marketing value of your home. We will discuss what areas in your home need that special touch. That “little bit of a hug” that makes it feel good again. Painting cost most often will bring you 100% on your return.

Our Guarantee - We like to achieve 100% satisfaction for our customers – that’s why all our work is guaranteed. Clients expect a clean worksite, as well as friendly, clean and trustworthy individuals inside their home.

Insurance – We are fully insured and our pricing is competitive and affordable.

We provide a written guaranteed quote when we inspect your home. You get a fair price for high quality work. References are provided upon request. Your home and property is your biggest investment. Let us help you protect it.

We look forward to working with you!


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